In China, the United States responded to suspicions of understating statistics on coronavirus

In China, the United States responded to suspicions of understating statistics on coronavirus

China denies US allegations

Beijing updates statistics in a transparent and responsible way, and the United States is trying to shift the blame for the lost time with its accusations, according to China.

The Chinese Embassy in the United States said the US intelligence allegations of concealing the true extent of the situation with the coronavirus are “a blatant attempt to put political interests above human life.” On Thursday, April 2, reports CNBC.

This happened the day after Bloomberg, citing a secret White House report, said that China’s public reporting was incomplete and probably fake.

In turn, the Chinese Embassy in Washington assured that Beijing “has fully complied with its reporting obligations under the International Medical Regulations and is updating the statistics of new and fatal cases in an open, transparent and responsible manner.”

“The Chinese government, out of a strong sense of responsibility for the health of its people, has taken the most comprehensive and tough measures to combat the pandemic,” the report said.

The statement also said that defamation and transfer of guilt cannot help compensate for lost time.

Trump previously accused China of a coronavirus pandemic. The actions of the Chinese authorities and, in particular, withholding information about the spread of infection have led to the current situation, says Donald Trump.

Also, on the eve, the US Senator said that the WHO Director-General “covers” China, helping to hide real statistics.

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