The first million infected: coronavirus set an unpleasant “record”

Three months ago, counts of infected COVID-19 went to tens and hundreds

The first million infected: coronavirus set an unpleasant “record”

An unpleasant “record” was set in the world — on April 2, late in the evening, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus COVID-19 reached one million.

Online trackers have updated statistics, from which it follows that more than a million people are infected with Wuhan pneumonia. And the John Hopkins Center reports that this happened in 180 countries and regions of the world, more than 51 thousand people died.

The leaders in incidence (not counting China, where 82 thousand people were infected and a little more than 3300 died, but the epidemic has stopped) are:

USA — 226 thousand infections / 5300 deaths

Italy — (115,000/14,000)

Spain (110,000/10,000)

Germany (81,000/1000)

France (57 000/4000)

Iran (50,000/3200)

Great Britain (34 000/3000)

Switzerland (18 000/520)

Turkey (16,000/280)

Belgium (15 300/1000)

In addition, fears are caused by the situation in the Netherlands neighboring Belgium, where 14 800 were infected and 1300 people died.

Earlier it was reported that on April 2 in Italy, 760 people died of the effects of coronavirus disease, which is 33 more than the day before. And the total number of victims was 13,915, after which it increased again.

At the same time, we recall that in Europe they have already begun testing the vaccine against coronavirus.

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