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Dog—courier delivers wine to city dwellers during quarantine in Maryland

Quarantine continues, authorities urge citizens not to go outside, and people are trying to adapt to this as they can. To help the people of the city in the state of Maryland came to a local winery that sends wine to everyone with the help of its unusual courier — a formidable boxer dog named Soda Pap writes the New York Post.

The city winery Stone House in Hagerstown decided to hire an employee who is not afraid of the coronavirus, moreover, Soda Pap every time pleases customers with his arrival — and not only because he brings the wine.

“We had people who specifically called for Soda Pap to bring the wine.” — says Lori Yota, the owner of the dog and co-owner of the winery.

Soda Pop can deliver two bottles of wine at once — the courier was provided with a special vest with bottle compartments on both sides.

Before the quarantine was announced, the bar of the winery was packed with visitors, but its owners were forced to obey the law and close the institution for visitors. However, Lori is trying to maintain a positive outlook on things.

“We will look for the positive side of the situation, the closure of the store allows us to do what we usually did not have time — we produce tons of wine.”

Lori says that business should stay afloat and its customers understand this, and Soda Pap continues to cheer them up every time — which is especially important today.

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