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Coronavirus made its way to the US aircraft carrier: four thousand sailors await evacuation

The Pentagon intends so far to do without the evacuation of the entire crew

The White House reported how many people could die in the United States due to the coronavirus, while onboard the American aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, about 80 sailors became infected with the coronavirus. According to Reuters, the captain of the ship, Brett Crozier, in a letter sent to the command of the US Navy, called for decisive measures to save the lives of sailors and stop the spread of the virus. This, In particular, he asked to remove more than 4 thousand military personnel from the aircraft carrier and isolate them.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, more than 100 sailors were infected on an aircraft carrier.

US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, in turn, said that at the moment he sees no need to evacuate the entire crew from the aircraft carrier, reports CBS.

“I don’t think we are at this stage,” Esper said in response to a question whether it’s time to evacuate his crew from the ship. “We provide (the) Guam aircraft carrier with a lot of (medical) supplies, medical assistance, as necessary referring medical staff. “

In this case, according to Esper, among the crew, there are now those who would be “seriously ill.”

“At the moment, we are trying to ensure containment (spread) of the virus,” — said the head of the Pentagon.

Earlier, Fox News reported that coronavirus was also diagnosed in several people aboard the Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier based in Japan. However, Esper noted that this, as well as cases of infection at Theodore Roosevelt, in his opinion, would not affect the combat readiness of the US Navy.

Note that the President of the United States Donald Trump believes that the peak of mortality from coronavirus in the country will come in mid-April. According to the calculations announced by the White House press service, more than 2.2 thousand people may die on April 15, then mortality will decline.

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