More than two thousand a day: the White House has a forecast of deaths in the United States from COVID-19

The peak of mortality in the States will be on April 15, on this day 2,214 people can die

President of the United States Donald Trump believes that the peak of mortality from coronavirus in the country will come in mid-April.

According to calculations made by the White House press service, 2,214 people may die on April 15. Mortality will then decline and by June 1 will reach about 250 deaths per day.

Meanwhile, CNN reports that in the United States at least 830 people died of coronavirus per day, this is a new daily record for deaths from COVID-19.

As previously reported by the White House coordinator for combating the spread of coronavirus Deborah Birks, in the country from the pandemic COVID-19 can die of 100 thousand to 200 thousand people.

According to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University, over 184 thousand cases of coronavirus infection have already been recorded in the United States, more than 3.7 thousand people have died.

Recall, one of the US senators said that the World Health Organization helped China hide the true scale of the spread of coronavirus, and called on the US Congress to initiate an investigation.

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