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Coronavirus pandemic: COVID-19 information as of March 31

Coronavirus pandemic: COVID-19 information as of March 31

Briefly about the main news on March 31:

The United States is ahead of China in confirmed deaths.

In the UK, the biggest jump in the number of deaths from coronavirus per day.

Airbnb promises $250 million to help owners who have lost their reservation due to COVID-19.

Coronavirus COVID-19 has already spread to 179 countries and claimed about 40,708 lives. According to Johns Hopkins University, there are more than 826,000 cases of infection in the world, with 174,019 people recovering.

Countries with the highest number of COVID-19 cases:

1. USA — 174,467
2. Italy — 97 689
3. Spain — 94,417
4. China — 82,278
5. Germany — 68,180

More people died from coronavirus in the US than in China. Monday, March 30, was the deadliest day for the United States during the pandemic: now there are more than 3,400 dead — more than after the September 11 attack.

Statistics for countries with the highest mortality rates now look like this:

1. Italy — 12,428 deaths
2. Spain — 8,269 deaths
3. USA — 3,416 deaths
4. China (Hubei) — 3,187 deaths
5. France — 3,024 deaths

According to the UK Department of Health and Human Services, 1789 patients died from coronavirus in hospitals. Over 24 hours, mortality increased by 381 people, which is 27% more compared to the previous day. This is the largest number of deaths in Britain to date.

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