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In New York, the Empire State Building turned into a giant “siren” painted in red and white

Some New Yorkers was frightened on Monday night by the bright state color of the Empire State Building, designed to support the medical and emergency services that are at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus.

“From today until the end of the battle with COVID-19, our traditional white lights will be replaced by the beating of the heart of America, the spire will flash white and red in honor of the emergency services,” the Empire State Building official Twitter reads.

However, for some New Yorkers, this siren caused concern.

“@EmpireStateBldg reminds us that the city is in an emergency,” tweeted local resident Rita King, who also posted the video. “I fully support the expression of respect for doctors, but I recommend replacing the siren with the pulsating effect of the heartbeat, to convince our heroic health workers that their efforts will succeed, and to calm the nervous New Yorkers who are in quarantine.”

Another Twitter user suggested that the building retain it's signature white lights in times of crisis.

“Just bring back the familiar Empire State Building. Nice, soothing white. Symbol of New York. Our buildings should not look like they are also panicking, ” he wrote. “I understand everything, but it seems a little ... alarming,” said another user.

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