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In Spain, a new record for the number of the daily death toll from COVID-19

In Spain, a new record for the number of the daily death toll from COVID-19

Military deploys a field hospital near a hospital in Madrid

The number of infected in Spain per day increased by 9222 and now stands at 94,417 people.

In Spain, 849 people died in one day after contracting the COVID-19 coronavirus. This is a new daily death record for the country, El Pais reports citing data from the country's health ministry on Tuesday, March 31.

The previous maximum in Spain for deaths was recorded on Sunday — then 838 people died.

In total, 8189 people have died since the start of the pandemic in Spain.

The number of infected has increased by 9,222 people per day and now amounts to 94417 people. Over 19 thousand people recovered.

Spain now ranks third in the world in the number of cases of coronavirus after the United States and Italy.

Recall that all over the world, more than 786 thousand people fell ill with coronavirus, of which almost 166 thousand recovered and about 38 thousand died. COVID-19 has spread to 199 countries.

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