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30% of Americans can lose their jobs through quarantine

30% of Americans can lose their jobs through quarantine

Due to quarantine, the unemployment rate in the United States may exceed 30% compared to last year's 3.5%.

There are already more than 160,000 coronavirus patients in the United States, but the risk of illness is not the only threat to residents.

“Due to quarantine, the unemployment rate may exceed 30% compared to last year's 3.5%,” the report said.

It is noted that from now on, two-thirds of the country are obliged to stay at home. In Washington and the neighboring states of Maryland and Virginia, citizens are ordered not to leave their homes without much need. Everyone on the phone has received an urgent message: no resident of Virginia should leave the house without urgent need, grocery stores will continue to operate, keep a distance of two meters with other people.

“Virologists say that in two weeks Washington, Maryland, and Virginia can get what is happening in New York,” said Maryland Governor Larry Hogen.

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