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In the USA claim that the Nord Stream-2 will inflict a crushing blow to Europe

The Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, which is being built at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, will not only deprive Europe of energy independence but will also increase Russia's influence on EU foreign policy.

This opinion was expressed by US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry at the energy forum in Vilnius on Monday, October 7.

Nord Stream 2 will deliver a crushing blow to Europe’s energy diversity and security. Europe will become more vulnerable, “Perry said.

Moreover, the Severny and Turkish streams will allow Moscow to stop the transit of gas through Ukraine by the end of the decade.”

Perry signed a joint declaration with the ministers of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, which refers to US assistance to protect the energy infrastructure of the Baltic countries from cyber attacks. As well as promoting its full synchronization with the networks of Western Europe.

So far, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia operate in the synchronous ring of the post-Soviet energy system and depend on the Russian energy network. By 2025, in order to weaken their dependence on Moscow, the Baltic countries intend to combine their energy systems with the European energy system.

What is Nord Stream 2?

This is a project for a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany through the Baltic Sea. The goal is to redirect the gas that is now transported to Europe through Ukraine, bypassing the Ukrainian GTS.

The launch was planned at the end of the contract for gas transit through Ukraine — December 31, 2019. At the same time, Poland, the USA, and the Baltic countries are trying to block its construction.

Nord Stream-2 is the property of the Russian Gazprom. However, it is partially funded by 5 European energy companies: Shell, Engie, OMV, Wintershall, and Uniper.

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