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“It was awesome”: Trump on humanitarian assistance from Russia and China

US President Tells Which Countries Help Americans Combat Coronavirus Pandemic

“It was awesome”: Trump on humanitarian assistance from Russia and China

The United States, which now has the largest number of SARS-CoV-2019 coronavirus infections, has received humanitarian assistance from China, Russia, and other countries of the world.

This, according to CNN, on March 30 at a briefing in the White House, US President Donald Trump said, admitting that he was very pleasantly surprised.

“China sent us something — it was amazing. Russia sent us a very, very large plane with things, medical equipment — it was very nice. Other countries sent us things, which surprised me very much,” the American leader said.

He added that the US authorities “learned a lot” from the situation with the coronavirus pandemic, and assured that the main goal of the White House is “saving lives.”

Recall that earlier Trump called the introduction of a nationwide quarantine in the United States very unlikely, despite the fact that as of March 31 there were more than 164 thousand patients with COVID-19 and more than 3 thousand who died in this country. At the same time, according to the president, such an opportunity was discussed in the White House.

March 30, the United States set a record for mortality from coronavirus — that day 502 people died.

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