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Putin and Trump will hold talks in the coming hours

Putin and Trump will hold talks in the coming hours

Leaders of countries intend to discuss topics of oil prices and issues related to trade, said the head of the White House.

US President Donald Trump will hold a telephone conversation on Monday evening, March 30, with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, as he himself said in an interview with Fox News.

The head of the White House explained that he intends to discuss issues related to oil prices and trade with his Russian counterpart.

Trump also expects Putin to raise the issue of lifting sanctions against Russia during a conversation.

“He has been asking for this for two years,” Trump said.

He once again emphasized that all allegations of collusion between his campaign headquarters and the Russian Federation before the 2016 US elections were not confirmed.

At the same time, Trump added, his policy towards the Russian Federation is tougher than that of any other US president.

Earlier, Putin in his speech at the G20 summit, which was held online, proposed a moratorium on sanctions on essential goods for the period of the coronavirus pandemic.

Recall earlier Donald Trump said that he hopes to overcome the epidemic of coronavirus in the country before Easter.

It was also reported that Trump has extended restrictions in the country during the coronavirus pandemic until April 30.

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