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“It's just a disaster”: what really happens with coronavirus in the US

Residents of the States believe that authorities were not ready for the COVID-19 epidemic

“It's just a disaster”: what really happens with coronavirus in the US

The United States faced the largest humanitarian and health crisis due to the coronavirus epidemic — more than 123 thousand infected and more than 2.2 thousand died in the country.

Site “USA News" has collected observations of residents of America who see what is happening inside.

In particular, nurse Leia from New York, who became the main epicenter of the epidemic in the country, described how hospitals can not cope with the flow of infected people.

“Today it’s just a disaster! About 90% of us are already infected and are in a serious form of this disease. The coronavirus simply destroys people. People cannot breathe,” she says.

A woman with tears in her eyes talks about the problems that New York doctors face: a lack of masks, mechanical ventilation apparatus and medical personnel, overcrowding in hospitals, and infection wards in particular.

She called on residents of the city, where an emergency was declared because of the epidemic, to seek medical help only in difficult cases.

But Lilia Korzhuk from North Carolina said that the state authorities took measures to curb the epidemic: all stores, except food and drugstores, are closed, and visitors from abroad are quarantined.

“We do not have enough masks and protective clothing in the clinics, my daughter works as an ambulance for a nurse — they give out one mask for three days, patients with the virus arrived. The authorities were not ready for this case,” the woman says.

Alla Kulikowski, who works at a hospital in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, said authorities have closed the state for entry and exit. Also, according to her, only grocery stores work.

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