The girl made a piquant photo on a statue of an Attacking Bull on Wall Street in New York

A medic in a protective suit got caught in the frame.

The totally naked blonde saddled the famous Wall Street statue, and her friend took pictures on her cell phone. The girl took advantage of the fact that the streets were empty because of the quarantine.

A U.S. resident in New York City climbed the Wall Street Attack Bull statue naked and was photographed on horseback. The girl took advantage of the fact that the street was empty because of the quarantine, writes The New York Post.

A naked girl in a hat saddled a bronze bull in the financial district of New York City, and her friend took several pictures on her smartphone.

Seeing that they were being photographed too, the Americans hurried to escape.

As previously reported, the virus has caused elderly German and Danish women to go on dates abroad. Carsten Thuhsen Hansen, 89, and his 85-year-old friend Inga Rasmussen are unable to visit each other because of the quarantine.

Recall that Portugal recorded the youngest death from coronavirus in Europe.

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