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The media reported on the stepped-up of nuclear tests in North Korea

The media reported on the stepped-up of nuclear tests in North Korea

DPRK stepped-up missile tests — Reuters

In March, the DPRK conducted nine missile tests. Two rockets launched the day before landing in the ocean.

North Korea released two short-range ballistic missiles — this is the eighth and ninth missile launch this month. It is reported by Reuters on Sunday, March 29.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea reports that two “short-range shells” were fired from the coastal region of Wonsan, which flew 230 kilometers at a maximum height of 30 kilometers.

“In a situation where the whole world is experiencing difficulties due to COVID-19, this kind of military action by North Korea is very inappropriate, and we are calling for an immediate stop,” the South Korean authorities said in a statement.

At the same time, the Ministry of Defense of Japan said that these were ballistic missiles, and they did not land on the territory of Japan or in its exclusive economic zone.

North Korean troops conduct ongoing military exercises, usually under the personal supervision of leader Kim Jong-un. This is the largest number of missiles ever launched by North Korea in one month, according to estimates by Shea Cotton, a senior fellow at the Center for Non-Proliferation Studies. James Martin

“At the beginning of this year, we saw such frequent tests only in 2016 and 2017, which were huge for the North Korean missile program,” Cotton said.

Recall that earlier the DPRK made its third missile launch in 2020. Then the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-UN, personally commanded the exercises of rocket artillery.

Then, the DPRK confirmed the launch of new missiles. The test was attended by the leader of North Korea, who said that the country had recently developed new weapons systems.

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