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Princess Maria Theresa died from coronavirus in Spain

Princess Maria Theresa died from coronavirus in Spain

A cousin of King Philip VI was the first victim of a pandemic among representatives of the royal families of Europe. Maria Theresa, who was called the “Red Princess” because of her commitment to the idea of a “socialist monarchy,” was 86 years old.

Now it is known about the infection of two more representatives of the royal clans — this is the heir to the British throne, Prince Charles and the ruling Prince of Monaco, Albert II.

At least 78,797 cases of infection with a new coronavirus have been recorded in Spain since the start of the spread of infection in the country. This was reported on Sunday in the Ministry of Health of the kingdom.

According to the agency, 6,528 people died, 14,709 patients recovered. Most cases were found in the autonomous community of Madrid (22,677). Thus, the number of deaths and infections in the country continues to grow rapidly.

On Saturday afternoon, the agency informed about 72,248 patients and 5,690 victims of the epidemic. The number of deaths from coronavirus in Spain exceeds the number of victims in China.

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