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The United States will carry out the largest transfer of troops to Europe in the last 25 years: details

In total, about 37 thousand military personnel from 19 countries will participate in Defender 2020 exercises

Photo: REUTERS / Carlos Barria

The United States plans to conduct next year the largest troop movement in Europe over the past 25 years - to the Baltic states and Poland - as part of a large-scale Defender 2020 exercise. This is stated in a message published on Monday, October 7, from the US Army headquarters in Wiesbaden in Europe.

In total, about 37 thousand soldiers from 19 countries will participate in the exercises, and about 20 thousand American soldiers will be transferred to Europe. The stated goal of the maneuvers is to increase NATO's combat effectiveness and intimidate a potential enemy.

Germany will become a logistics center during the exercises, which will be held from April to May 2020. They are designed to check the speed of the transfer of NATO troops and the level of their interaction.

“These abilities are important in order to show power in a short period. Our fighting efficiency calms the allies and scares away a possible enemy,” said Christopher Cavoli, commander of the US Army in Europe.

The German side considers it important during the exercise to test the capabilities of the existing infrastructure — bridges and communications — for the transfer of large forces, the DPA agency notes.

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