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Trump's rating has reached a historic high

Trump's rating has reached a historic high

US President Donald Trump's rating has reached a historic high of 47.1%, but still dissatisfied with his job — 49.6%, according to Real Clear Politics.

The portal analyzes the results of all major sociological polls in the country regarding the approval or disapproval of Trump's activities since he took office in January 2017.

The latest big figures received on Thursday have become an absolute record for the incumbent president, whose rating has never exceeded an average rating (except for the very first week in office). The best result to date was the head of state was February 25, 2020 – 46.3%.

The increase in approval of Trump's activities comes amid efforts by the US administration to combat coronaviruses and to assist Americans affected by the economic impact of the pandemic.

The most significant measure of support was the $2 trillion financial assistance package, agreed the day before by the Senate and the administration. Among other things, it provides for direct payments to citizens of the country, freezing of rent payments and other measures. Meanwhile, the number of initial US unemployment benefit applications for the week ending March 21 jumped to a record 3.001 million from the previous week's revised figure of 282 thousand to 3.283 million.

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Is it his approval rating that is at 47.1%. Is it his disapproval rating that is at 49.6%? Your story is not too clear on these points.

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