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Prime Minister of Italy announced a “hard confrontation” with Merkel due to coronavirus

Prime Minister of Italy announced a “hard confrontation” with Merkel due to coronavirus

Conte demanded to develop a single EU plan to combat COVID-19

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte called for a serious response by the European Union to the coronavirus pandemic and the crisis associated with it. His opponent was German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The Italian politician told the publication Il Sole 24 Ore, Deutsche Welle reports.

“If Europe does not cope with this unprecedented task, the entire European structure will lose the meaning of existence for people,” he warned.

Conte added that this is the first issue in the history of the European Union of pan-European bonds to attract loans in order to stimulate the economy and support the most affected EU countries.

Italy and Spain, the most affected by the coronavirus, insisted on the issue of securities. During the lengthy video talks, the leaders of the 27 EU member states were unable to agree and eventually let the finance ministers formulate an approach that would be acceptable to Rome and Madrid.

Conte emphasized that it was “not just a disagreement” between him and Merkel, but a “tough and frank confrontation” regarding the EU’s future course.

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