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A shocking video from China — Coronavirus patients specifically infect other people

A shocking video from China — Coronavirus patients specifically infect other people

A video was released on the Web as the Chinese infected with coronavirus specifically infect all people. They cough on them, spit on statues and monuments, leave other secretions on things and objects that others use.

Some sick people follow people in the streets and specifically infect them with coronavirus. The video has caused a wide public resonance in social networks.

No one has understood why infected people attack people and put them in danger. Whether it's out of despair, or we all get sick together, or some conspiracy, some planned action. We can't rule out any option, because it could even be some kind of combos when people first fulfilled someone's order, and they were so inspired that they went to infect others by of the inertia.

But the other question is, why do the infected people walk the streets instead of sitting in quarantine or in hospitals? And what in general is going on in this China, where, according to the press and social networks, the epidemic has gone down?

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