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The EU criticized the new military operation of Turkey in Syria

The fighting in the north-east of the country undermines the prospects for a peaceful settlement of the conflict, they believe in the EU

Turkey’s new military operation, planned in collaboration with the United States against Kurds in northeastern Syria, undermines the peace process in that country. This was announced on Monday, October 7, said the official representative of the EU foreign service Maya Kosyanchich.

“The resumption of hostilities in northeast Syria not only worsens the situation of the civilian population but also undermines the prospects for a peaceful settlement of the conflict. The EU fully supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria,” she said.

Kosyanchich refused to answer the question of whether Ankara and Washington informed Brussels about their military plans in Syria.

“We maintain contacts, at this stage I can’t say anything more,” the representative of the foreign service said.

Commenting on Ankara’s plans to return to the territory of Syria, which Turkey intends to clean up from Kurdish self-defense units, up to two million Syrian refugees, Kosyanchich said: “The EU believes that the return of refugees is possible only when conditions are created for their safe return in human conditions.” According to her, at the moment, these conditions in Syria have not yet been created.

It was previously reported that Turkey launched unilateral military operations in a “safe zone” in northeastern Syria.

Later it became known that the United States entered into negotiations with the Turkish authorities to ensure security in northern Syria against the background of the preparation of Turkish troops for a military operation.

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