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US doctor calls pandemic “apocalypse”. Video

US doctor calls pandemic “apocalypse”. Video

Photo: frame from video nytimes.com
A doctor from the USA showed the situation in hospitals on video

Even the morgues are already crowded, because of this, the truck had to be driven to the hospital, where the bodies of the dead from COVID-19 are temporarily stored.

The resuscitator of Elmhurst City Hospital recorded a video about the situation in the United States. The video was published by The New York Times.

So, the doctor Ashley Bray showed the conditions under which doctors have to work in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic: the rooms are crowded, there is a lack of medical equipment, especially ventilation machines.

Doctors do not have enough personal protective equipment, which is why dozens of doctors have already become infected with the virus.

Even the places in the morgue ran out, which is why the hospital had to adjust the refrigerator, where the bodies of the dead were stored.

Now in the US, there are already more than 85 thousand infected, of which 1300 have died.

Earlier it was reported that in New York, mobile morgues were deployed on the streets.

Recall that the United States bypassed China in the number of cases of coronavirus.

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