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Spain returns low-quality coronavirus tests to China

Spain returns low-quality coronavirus tests to China

Rapid tests for coronavirus were unreliable, and Spain decided to return them to the manufacturer.

The Ministry of Health of Spain said it is returning a large batch of rapid tests for coronavirus to the manufacturer in China, as they turned out to be unreliable. It is reported by El Pais on Friday, March 27.

The government sent the tests back to a manufacturer called Shengzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology, said Health Minister Salvador Illa. This happened after the Spanish microbiologists reported that the first 9 thousand tests from the batch have a sensitivity of only 30%, and at least 80% is needed.

It is noted that 640 thousand tests arrived in Spain on Monday. Then four Madrid hospitals, which began using the first batch, found that the tests yielded negative results in patients who were confirmed patients with coronavirus.

The Spanish Ministry of Health said it did not buy the material directly in China, but through a Spanish distributor, whose name is not indicated. In turn, the Chinese Embassy in Spain stated that Shengzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology does not have a license to sell its products and that the company is not on the “list of classified suppliers” that China has provided to Spain.

Shenzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology said it will replace some test kits. She noted that incorrect results may result from unsuccessful sampling or misuse of kits. The firm said it had insufficient communication with customers on how to use the kits.

The day before, record mortality from coronavirus was recorded in Spain. The total number of deaths reached 4858. At the same time, almost 8 thousand new cases of infection were recorded.

The number of deaths from COVID-19 in Spain exceeded that of China on March 25. Then more than 700 patients with coronavirus died in Spain in a day. Now China is in third place in terms of mortality from COVID-19.

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