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Trump has put America's fate on the line

Trump has put America's fate on the line

Despite a sharp deterioration in the situation with coronavirus in the United States, Donald Trump announced the imminent weakening, and subsequently the complete abolition of all quarantine measures. This strategy has already been called the “rediscovery of America,” but many are confident that the president will lead the country to the abyss. The captains of the economy have a different opinion. What will win — the share price or the value of human lives?

As Italy squeezed China, becoming the main region of the coronavirus disaster, so now Italy itself is promised to squeeze the United States. In total, more than 10 thousand infected were detected there in a day, now there are already more than 45 thousand, and the number of dead is approaching six hundred. WHO emphasizes that the United States may turn into a new focus of the spread of infection, and the country's chief surgeon predicts a sharp surge in the epidemic due to the fact that many Americans ignore the instructions of the authorities and celebrities to stay at home.

The main focus of the epidemic in New York, the actual financial capital of the West. Coronavirus forced the state leadership to introduce unprecedented quarantine measures with the closure of not only schools and restaurants, but all enterprises. Similar measures have been taken in California. In another large state — Florida — they keep abreast and prepare for emergency measures: there are especially many pensioners, middle-class Americans like to move to the ocean under old age.

Protestant preachers and doctors predict catastrophe. It will become a preacher, but you will listen to the doctors involuntarily, especially since the coronavirus even penetrated the aircraft carrier, Theodore Roosevelt.

Against this background, President Donald Trump expressed his intention to remove restrictive measures for all but pensioners — the most vulnerable category of the population for coronavirus. This should happen by Easter, and Easter in the Western world will soon be April 12th.

It is difficult to find an article in the American media about this news, in the comments to which they would not say that the head of state was crazy.

For Trump, this is a really big bet, most likely decisive in his political fate. But he simply has no other choice.

Mentioned California and New York account for a quarter of the country's GDP. A quarter, according to Goldman Sachs analysts, in the second quarter, production across the country will decline. Usually, in sharply negative forecasts they write that this has not happened since the Great Depression, but during the Great Depression this was not the case either — then the record was at 14% per quarter. What is happening now can only be compared with the period of the First World War.

Due to the depreciation of shares in the United States, it became half a million millionaires less. The legendary The Boeing Company flies to bankruptcy. The service market is dying before our eyes. The country falls into the abyss of mass unemployment, and then worse.

“People will die, there will be thousands of suicides, there will be instability.” This forecast is not from those foreign “well-wishers” who promise the United States any disaster on average once a month and never guess. This is a forecast from President Trump himself.

Incidentally, the US economy will inevitably pull down the global economy along with oil prices. “The immediate prospects are terrible,” says HSBC Holdings senior economic adviser Stephen King (namesake, not writer’s relative).

In other words, if you want to gloat, now this is the most unfortunate occasion.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the plan of saving the American economy, which has no analogs in history, has already inflated to the inconceivable two trillion dollars (plus four more due to federal reserve loans), is stuck on Capitol Hill — two attempts to approve it in the Senate failed. The reason is the same — coronavirus. The disease was picked up by such a nice person as Senator Rand Paul, several lawmakers are in quarantine, and the practice of “button-press”, or voting for absent deputies, in the United States, to put it mildly, is not welcome.

This problem could be easily resolved if Democrats stood on the side of the Republican majority, many of whom generally support extinguishing the fire with money to save demand and jobs. But the “donkeys” party took a different path and proposed its own amendments to the plan, which have nothing to do with the current crisis. In particular, Democrats are demanding support for green energy and commitments to reduce carbon dioxide emissions for the airline industry, which is already on the verge of life and death.

The tactics of “checks and compromises” openly outraged the Republicans — blackmail, they say, will not work. Such an upsurge of the economy with money contradicts their ideological principles, and here the opponents also decided to fulfill the precepts of Greta Tunberg. So the following joke became popular on blogs:

“The president says that if Democrats and Republicans can agree, we will avoid a catastrophe,” “So we need a khan.”

Evil tongues claim that Democrats deliberately hinder the process in order to put Trump under attack and win the upcoming elections. By and large, this is conspiracy theology, but it is the democrats who are hindering the process — this cannot be taken away. The liberal newspaper The New York Times, which supports them and hates Trump, has changed the headline three times on its website, initially reporting that the Democratic Party has failed to accept the plan to save the country. It’s a shame, of course, but what you won’t do for the good of “your own people” in big politics.

Without waiting for the end of this quarrel, Trump promised to abolish quarantine and print out the enterprises. Otherwise, collapse. With or without a plan.

“You will not shake hands for at least some time, but we must return the country to ourselves. Look, many people die of the flu, but you will lose even more people if the country is in extreme recession or depression. You cannot just come and say: let's close the United States of America, the most successful state in the world, ” Mr. President explains.

He announced the imminent “rediscovery of America” at a briefing, and a day later, along with Vice President Pence, he answered the audience’s questions for two hours. His thought is simple — the medicine should not be worse than the disease, but it is worse, so you need to go to work. Someone — next week.

The risk is enormous: according to a number of infectious disease specialists, the epidemic could go “in the second round” and provoke a collapse in healthcare, when not only doctors and ventilators but even stretchers are not enough for the sick.

However, Trump cannot wait, the situation is transparent for him. Or, having experienced a fall in the first and second quarters, the economy will grow in the third, allowing Trump to be re-elected president in the fourth. Or the economic collapse will bury his hopes of staying in the White House. In combination with the second wave of the epidemic, he will bury him with a guarantee, and against the background of many other burials, unfortunately, they are no longer metaphorical.

Strictly speaking, only governors can cancel and impose quarantine in the United States, but Andrew Cuomo in New York, although a Democrat, supports Trump on this issue — the crisis in the country's largest city will not spare him either. But first of all, this is the president’s initiative, and he will have to bear responsibility for his choice in the near future.

While the owner of the White House has reason to stay awake — his efforts to counter the virus and the plan for the distribution of money (up to two and a half thousand per family) have been appreciated by the people: according to Gallup, the rating of approval of the head of state now exceeds the rating of disapproval, which for the whole time of Trump’s presidency never been before.

His announcement of quarantine rejection also took effect: after the collapse of several consecutive days, the leading US stock indexes closed with an increase of 8-11%.

But if Trump was mistaken in the main, if premature quitting quarantine drives the United States into an even more acute crisis, for him as a politician everything will be over.

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