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Trump sought evidence from the Australian Prime Minister that the Mueller case is insolvent — media

Trump allegedly asked for his own verification of the reasons for the beginning of the investigation of the prosecutor

Photo: REUTERS / Erin Scott

US President Donald Trump contacted Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in order to obtain from his evidence of the failure of the investigation of Special Prosecutor Robert Muller. This was reported by The New York Times, citing two sources.

According to them, Trump in a telephone conversation “pressured” Morrison to help US Secretary of Justice William Barr gather information on the circumstances that became the starting point for Mueller’s investigation. Moreover, as the New York Times points out, the head of the Department of Justice himself asked Trump to conduct a conversation with the Australian prime minister.

The newspaper emphasizes that Trump allegedly asked Morrison to conduct his own check regarding the reasons for the beginning of the investigation of the prosecutor. However, there is no exact information on this subject due to the fact that the number of people with access to the transcript of the conversation is limited to a narrow circle of assistants to the American leader.

According to Muller’s investigation, George Papadopoulos, a member of Trump’s team of foreign policy advisers during the election campaign, interacted with the professor at the London University of Sterling, Joseph Mifsud, and a Russian citizen who maintained contact with the Russian leadership during the 2016 election campaign. It was Mifsud, according to the office of the special prosecutor, who informed Papadopoulos about the allegedly incriminating evidence that the Russians had on ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Trump's rival in the 2016 presidential election. Trump's adviser allegedly told the Australian diplomat about this, who, in turn, notified the FBI, which served as the reason for the beginning of the investigation of the special prosecutor.

Former U.S. Attorney General Robert Muller has been investigating for almost two years the circumstances of the Russian-attributed interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

Recall that the US intelligence services are charged with meddling in the 2016 US election process in Russia. Investigation of these attempts at influence was carried out for almost two years by special prosecutor Robert Muller.

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