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DPRK secretly seeks help because of a pandemic — media

DPRK secretly seeks help because of a pandemic — media

Photo: EPA / KCNA
DPRK President Kim Jong-un during recent military exercises

In January, 590 people were tested on COVID-19, who came to the DPRK from abroad. All tests allegedly showed negative results.

North Korean authorities secretly requested international assistance to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. It is reported by the Financial Times, citing sources on Thursday, March 26.

“After reports of an outbreak of the virus appeared in Wuhan in January, North Korea immediately closed its borders and its officials did not report any confirmed cases of coronavirus. But officials in private communications over the past few weeks have sought urgent help from their international partners, “the report said.

According to official data, no cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in the DPRK. However, experts are distrustful of the statements of the authorities of this country, taking into account the geographical proximity to China, the lack of a sufficient number of tests and the specifics of the political regime.

It is alleged that in January 590 people were tested on COVID-19, who came to the DPRK from abroad, and all tests allegedly showed negative results.

The government has COVID-19 testing kits, and they know how to use them, but their number is not enough, therefore, the DPRK authorities are asking all international organizations for help, the newspaper writes citing sources.

Pyongyang's efforts are supported by the World Health Organization, the Red Cross, UNICEF, the Doctors Without Borders organization, as well as Russia and China.

Recall that in the world of the coronavirus COVID-19 infected more than 482 thousand people. Of these, 21308 died, 114870 people recovered.

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