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In the United States, the number of patients with coronavirus has increased to more than 69 thousand. Hospitals can't cope

In the United States, the number of patients with coronavirus has increased to more than 69 thousand. Hospitals can't cope

In the USA, the number of patients with coronavirus is growing rapidly, and hospitals lack mechanical ventilation devices. Doctors fear that the situation may become similar to the Italian, CNN reports.

According to Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Distribution Map, there are 69,197 infected with coronavirus in the United States as of 9:30 a.m. March 26. Of these, 619 people recovered. 1,050 died, most of all deaths in New York — 280. According to Worldometers, in New York, the total number of people infected with coronavirus is more than 33 thousand people.

“We do not have enough ventilation devices, we do not have enough beds. Just think, we are in New York, and this is happening here. It’s like a scenario of a third world country, ” the doctor told the publication on condition of anonymity. The hospitals are worried because the medical facilities are not prepared for the influx of patients, which began about two weeks ago, all seriously ill patients lack ventilation devices.

At first, most patients were over 70 years old, but over the past week, patients under the age of 50 began to arrive.

The publication writes that experts, including US general surgeon Jerome Adams, are warning that the US “may become Italy,” where doctors in hospitals crowded with patients are forced to decide who to connect to the ventilator.

According to New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, it is planned to purchase 7,000 ventilation devices in addition to the existing 4,000. The White House has promised the state two deliveries of 2,000 devices from the national reserve. But the state needs 30,000, Cuomo noted.

The National Strategic Reserve reported that prior to the pandemic, they had stored approximately 16,660 ventilation devices, and over the past few days they have been distributed throughout the country.

In terms of the number of deaths from coronavirus infection, Spain is ahead of China. Over the last day in Spain, the number of deaths increased by 738 people and amounted to 3,434 — a record for the country. For comparison, 3,285 deaths from coronavirus complications are officially registered in China, and 6,820 in Italy, the most affected country.

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