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A woman in good health died at home awaiting the results of a coronavirus test

A woman in good health died at home awaiting the results of a coronavirus test

The 39-year-old social worker died a few days after she initially refused the coronavirus test because she was told she had a “low chance” of getting sick. This was told by her friend in a post on Facebook.

Josh Anderson says he found his girlfriend Natasha Ott dead in her apartment in New Orleans on Friday “. She never received the news that her illness and fever were really COVID-19.

He said that Ott, who was helping HIV-infected people, first told him on March 10 that she had a “cold” and “a little fever.”

“They sent her home but did not check. She was told that she had a “low level of risk,” Anderson wrote, calling Natasha “a deeply kind, passionate, cheerful and loving 39-year-old woman with good health.”

At CrescentCare Clinic, where Natasha worked, there were only five test suites. Anderson recalls that she told him: “I refused to take the test so that someone else could pass it.”

After her condition worsened, the woman finally underwent an examination on March 16. But she was told that it would take at least five days to get the test results.

Anderson described in detail the deterioration of Ott's mood and health, as well as her attempts to assure him that she would be okay if she just drank whiskey.

He decided to visit Ott because she did not answer SMS and calls. Anderson “found her dead in the kitchen” at 8 p.m. on Friday.

“For those of you who are unlucky to recognize her: know that this is an immeasurable loss,” he wrote. — To see a woman who was full of life lying lifeless on the floor was terrible. I was afraid to touch her. ”

He warned that “the government is poorly prepared for this pandemic, and it will cost a living,” while urging people to “take care of your loved ones because you can lose them.”

“The time for jokes about the Covid-19 has passed,” he wrote.

According to nola.com, an attorney at the Orleans parish coroner did not disclose the cause of death. State health officials did not confirm that this was a case of coronavirus, a New Orleans lawyer said.

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