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The quarantined capitals: in Paris, the homeless are accommodated in hotels, and in Madrid, the skating rink was equipped as a morgue

The quarantined capitals: in Paris, the homeless are accommodated in hotels, and in Madrid, the skating rink was equipped as a morgue

The official ceremony of celebrating the end of World War II in Europe for the first time was canceled in Berlin

According to the American Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University, the most infected countries in Europe today are Italy, Spain, Germany, and France. It should be noted that in Germany there are 10 thousand more infected than in France, but mortality is many times lower.

How quarantine takes place in the main capitals of the world — Paris, London, Madrid, Singapore, Brussels, New York, Berlin, Amsterdam — read in the special material of the site “USAtodaynews.live”.


According to Le Figaro reporters, more than 11 thousand medical masks and 1.4 thousand bottles of alcohol antiseptics have been stolen from hospitals in Paris since the pandemic began. Most often, surgical masks are stolen (those that the patient must wear to avoid infection of other people) and masks of the FFP2 type, which have proved themselves to be highly filtered (up to 95%). Over the weekend and Monday alone, more than 2 thousand masks were stolen.

In addition, in the French capital, quarantine problems for the homeless were originally solved — as La Parisienne writes, the management of a number of Parisian hotels went to accommodate clochards in their rooms.

According to Housing Minister Julien Denormandi, from Wednesday evening, March 25, people with no fixed abode will be able to temporarily stay in rooms at the CIS Hotel Paris Kellerman in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, where the city authorities have booked 50 rooms for this purpose (towards the end weeks promise up to 170). Another 500 rooms for the homeless will be allocated by the Accor hotel group in Paris and its suburbs. At the same time, we are talking about single rooms so that the insulation is respected.

This is not the only original decision of the French authorities. According to Franceinfo, the French Ministry of Justice in the coming days plans to release up to 5 thousand prisoners who have less than a month to stay. However, they will not even wear electronic bracelets.

According to the latest data, in France more than 16.6 thousand cases of infection were recorded, almost 700 people died.

France has a nationwide quarantine as part of its response to the spread of the new type of Covid-19 coronavirus. All stores are closed, except for grocery and drugstores. Online trading and delivery services continue to work without restrictions. Cafes, restaurants, movie theaters do not work.


According to Reuters, the number of victims of COVID-19 in Spain has exceeded 1263, and a total of 10575 cases of infection have been reported, authorities in the Spanish capital say. As a result, in Madrid, it was decided to use the city's indoor ice rink as an impromptu morgue to store the bodies of coronavirus victims.

The Olympic-sized ice rink with an area of 1800 square meters is located in the Madrid shopping center Palacio de Hielo. It was the administration of the center that proposed using it as a morgue.

It is noted that misuse of the ice area will occur in coordination with the government of the Madrid region and the military emergency units deployed throughout Spain last week to help combat the coronavirus epidemic.

Recall that previously the largest field hospital in Europe was built for patients with mild symptoms in Madrid. He will be able to accept five and a half thousand patients.


On Tuesday, March 24, The Telegraph recognized that more cases of coronavirus have been reported in London than in any other region of the UK. Experts believe that the rate of infection in the capital is several weeks ahead of the rest of the country.

As early as Thursday, March 19, forty London Underground stations were closed. Two of the 11 underground lines — Waterloo and City, were completely closed. (In total, the London Underground consists of 270 stations.) London Mayor Sadik Khan turned to citizens not to use the subway, and to employers to optimize workers' work schedules in such a way as to relieve underground traffic.

Crush in the London Underground. Photo: twitter.com/ken_macarthur

“Otherwise, more people will die,” the mayor of London explained, not embarrassed in the expressions.

But, according to the Air Force, citizens of the British capital ignore his call — the subway is still crowded.

“Unfortunately, the situation in the London Underground has not improved. We urgently need the British traffic police and other officers who would be on duty at the main stations of the London transport network to ensure that only those who have good reasons for traveling do so in emergency conditions, “- quotes the Air Force the words of the Secretary-General of the Association of Transport Wage Workers Manuel Cortes.

But the volunteers became more active. The National Post writes of a group of London volunteers that organized a food service to provide free nursing food to large public hospitals fighting the pandemic.

As mortality from coronavirus in Britain increased, a group of London volunteers organized a food service to provide free meals to critically ill nurses in a large public hospital fighting a pandemic.

As of March 17, in the United Kingdom already found in 1950 coronavirus people. According to the National Post, on Sunday, March 22nd, 281 Britons died from the effects of coronavirus. Of these, 130 are Londoners.


In the island city-state of Singapore, whose authorities had previously successfully overcome the outbreak of coronavirus infection COVID-19, again recorded a sharp jump in the incidence. But, as they say, there is a nuance. According to the report of the Minister of National Development Lawrence Won, which he released on March 22, if for the first time the virus came from China, now the infected people “carry” it from the EU and the USA.

“We must recognize the second wave, which has become even more powerful ... We are talking about cases of infection with the virus by Singaporeans, as well as foreigners permanently residing in the republic, when visiting countries in Europe, the United States and individual states of Southeast Asia," said Singaporean Minister.

Despite the fact that Singapore imposed criminal liability for violation of quarantine, Won noted that the country is not closed for the exit. At the same time, the official warned that due to citizens who, contrary to the authorities' recommendations to refuse travel, continue trips to other countries, new measures are already being discussed.

In addition, from March 24, Singapore will be closed for entry and transit for all foreigners who do not have permanent work permits.


In the country declared a “hard” quarantine.

You can go outside only for groceries, a pharmacy and a gas station. At the same time, the authorities did not officially prohibit solitary walks in pairs (with relatives).

But life is in full swing at the shops. One came out — one came in — new rules, and their Belgians are observing. On the shelves, too, there is no “toilet” and flour, and instead of buckwheat, which you will not find here, they take out pasta and french fries, ” the journalist added.

About every fifth Belgian on the street is wearing a mask, which has risen in price very much due to the epidemic, up to 12-15 euros apiece. At the same time, public transport continues to work, but with a restriction on the number of passengers: 10-13 people are allowed on buses, 20 on trams, 60-80 on the metro. This avoids the crush. Police are patrolling in the center of Brussels, but no fines have been reported.

It is worth noting that, according to the country's crisis center, in a day in Belgium the number of people with confirmed coronavirus infection increased by 462 people and reached 2257. In addition, on March 20, 16 infected people died and the total number of victims of the epidemic reached 37.

New York

New York hospitals will run out of supplies of the most important products in two or three weeks to protect against new coronavirus infection and to help those infected. This was announced on March 20 by the mayor of the largest US metropolis Bill de Blasio.

“In New York, in two or three weeks, the funds that we most need in the hospitals will run out. These funds can be delivered on time only by fully mobilizing the US Armed Forces. In two or three weeks we will need to receive a very significant replenishment.” De Blasio admitted.

According to him, in another case, the inhabitants of the metropolis “will be in much greater danger.”

The Mayor of New York said that the city’s hospitals, in particular, needed by the beginning of April more than 50 million protective masks, 25 million sets of medical clothing, as well as 15 thousand mechanical ventilation devices. According to de Blasio, the city still lacks funds to conduct tests for infection with coronavirus.

De Blasio announced the numbers: according to the situation on March 25 in New York, 14776 cases of infection with a new coronavirus were recorded. 131 people died, of which 54% were people over 75 years old. As for the statistics for the whole country, according to Johns Hopkins University, which calculates based on data from federal and local authorities, the number of cases of coronavirus infection in the United States exceeds 13.6 thousand, at least 200 people died.

However, there is good news. Following the example of the Paris city authorities, Bill de Blasio ordered the release of 300 prisoners who committed minor crimes and non-violent crimes, who were left to serve a prison term of no more than one year. It is reported by CNN.

In addition, the mayor of the Big Apple stressed, about 100 people currently in custody and awaiting sentencing can expect to be released. Exceptions will be made for criminals sentenced to imprisonment for domestic violence or sexual offenses — they will serve their entire prison term.

It was previously reported that New York did not rule out the transformation of hotels into hospitals due to coronavirus.


In addition to introducing quarantine, as in most European cities, Berlin took an unprecedented measure — canceled the official ceremony of state celebration by the German authorities of the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe and the liberation of the country from Nazism, which was scheduled for May 8.

This was reported by Deutsche Welle. According to the initial plans, the president of the FRG, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as numerous high-ranking German and, primarily, foreign guests, were to take part in the ceremony. The celebration cannot be rescheduled due to the fact that it is dedicated to a specific date, and what events will be held on May 8 is not yet clear.

At the same time, the German authorities took care not only of quarantine but also that citizens in isolation had something to do. According to Berlin.24 portal, the director of the Berlin zoos Tierpark Berlin and Zoologischer Garten Andreas Kniriy organized an opportunity on social networks to track the daily lives of the pets of these zoos (which is over 30,000 individuals). Moreover, some animals are real “stars”, which are very popular among visitors. For example, the panda's Meng Xiang and Meng Yuan or the pelicans of Fred and Frid.

Note that the number of cases of coronavirus in Germany reached almost 30 thousand, 119 people died.


The coronavirus pandemic has cut off sex workers in the Netherlands — the government closed the Red Light District in Amsterdam to combat the spread of the infection.

Since March 15, all sex establishments in this famous landmark of the Dutch capital have been closed, and therefore local prostitutes have organized crowdfunding to raise funds in support of colleagues who have suffered more from the crisis than others. During the day they managed to raise 4.4 thousand euros — the organizers plan to give out 40 euros to those who are most in need of funds due to the loss of customers.

The Netherlands Sex Workers' Association (PROUD) calls the “priestesses of love” the most vulnerable because they have neither a guaranteed income nor a paid sick leave.

/ Photo: REUTERS / Piroschka van de Wouw

Earlier, discussing the situation with coronavirus in the Dutch parliament, the country's health minister Bruno Brains fainted. Later, the official reassured the public, explaining what happened as overwork after difficult weeks.

Recall, the WHO said that the pandemic is not only not subsiding, it is accelerating on the contrary, and quarantine to defeat the virus is no longer enough.

“It took only 67 days from the first case to how their number increased to one hundred thousand. 11 days for the second hundred thousand. In just four days, there are more than three hundred thousand. It is important to ask people to stay at home and this gives us time, but defensive measures will not help to win. We must test all suspicious cases, isolate and track all contacts of patients, “said the head of WHO Tedros Gebreesus.

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