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China reported the first death from a new type of virus

China reported the first death from a new type of virus

In China, a man died of Hantavirus. This is the first recorded case of death from this infection in the country.

It's a virus that's transmitted by rodents when people inhale fumes from their excreta. There have also been cases of people being infected after being bitten by insect bats. Human-to-human transmission of Hantavirus is very rare, previously only in Argentina and Chile.

Symptoms of Hantavirus infection include fever, bleeding and kidney damage.

The first person to die in China is a resident of Yunnan province. A man died on a bus on the way to Shandong City. Doctors have already checked over 30 passengers who were in the salon with the deceased.

On March 11, the world announced the Coronavirus Pandemic, which began to spread from China. According to the latest data, the number of infected in more than 190 countries exceeded 400 thousand people, more than 18 thousand died. Countries of the European Union, in particular Italy and Spain, have become the hotbed of the infection. The situation is difficult in the USA as well. Chinese authorities, where more than 80 thousand people were infected, announced that they managed to stop the spread of coronavirus.

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