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The man who licked the goods in the store was detained as a terrorist

The man who licked the goods in the store was detained as a terrorist

Photo: Still from video
A man shot his video at the beginning of the epidemic

The American was detained, detained and declared a terrorist after licking groceries on a shelf in a supermarket.

A resident of the American city of Warrenton in Missouri, Cody Pfister licked goods in a supermarket and shot a video. As a result, he “earned” the accusation of a terrorist threat, writes Metro.

The 26-year-old American posted a video of his act on social networks. The video immediately became viral.

In the shots, Pfister says, “Who is afraid of the coronavirus?”, And then tongues it through goods on a shelf. The “attack” the man committed in a supermarket Walmart.

The video caused such a great resonance that law enforcement officers drew attention to it. Police found that Pfister shot the video on March 11th.

Now the American is detained and is behind bars. He already had problems with the law for driving while intoxicated, possession of drugs, theft of firearms.

As previously reported, in Munich, a man was detained who licked the handrails in the subway. The detainee also licked ticket vending machines and posted a video on social networks. He claims to be infected with the coronavirus.

We also wrote that the Iranians kiss and lick shrines from the coronavirus.

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