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Poland tightens measures on the free movement

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Poland introduces tougher measures

Prime Minister Mateusz Moravecki said that the relatively low activity of the virus in the country is not a reason to relax.

The Polish government restricts free movement around the country, new measures will be effective from today until April 11, said Prime Minister Mateusz Moravecki, writes RMF24.

“The fact that we have less morbidity than we expected should not put us to sleep; additional measures must be introduced in Poland to limit the spread of coronavirus," Moravec said.

He announced the introduction of additional restrictions on movement.

“These restrictions will affect each of us, this decision is necessary in order to limit our activities as much as possible. Exceptions are to go to the store, to the pharmacy, to take the dog out for a walk,” the prime minister said.

According to him, additional restrictions are being introduced in order to gain time and prepare hospitals.

The Prime Minister said that restrictions will be introduced in public transport to ensure the distance between passengers. They will still limit the meeting of people; more than two people cannot be near.

Note that they strengthen security measures not only in Poland. So, the regime of total quarantine due to the coronavirus was introduced by Romania.

Starting March 25, residents will only be allowed to leave the house to buy food or medicine, go to work or in case of emergency. Those over 65 are completely forbidden to leave their homes.

Quarantined individuals will be monitored online. However, the president did not specify how.

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