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COVID-19 in Italy: There is a glimmer of hope...

COVID-19 in Italy: There is a glimmer of hope...

Coronavirus statistics slightly improved in Italy

In Italy, fewer new cases of coronavirus infection and fewer deaths have been reported in Italy in the last couple of days.

In recent days, the number of new cases of coronavirus in Italy has declined, but talk about stopping the epidemic so far. This was announced on Tuesday, March 24, the representative of the World Health Organization Margaret Harris.

“There is a glimmer of hope. But it’s too early to talk about it. But new cases of illness and death have declined over the past couple of days,” she said.

At the same time, the media associate the decrease in the detection of new cases with the fact that in Italy they began to conduct fewer tests. For example, the day before, about 16 thousand tests were carried out, while several days earlier up to 25 thousand tests were carried out.

Note, at the end of last week, Italy was ahead of China in the number of coronavirus victims, and in the near future, it can double it.

At present, over 63 thousand cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in Italy, over 7 thousand patients have recovered, the number of victims is 6077 people.

But the head of the Civil Protection Department of Italy, Angelo Borrelli, suggests that the real number of people infected in the country may exceed the official figures by ten times.

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