Coronavirus is more active in Spain than in Italy — media

Coronavirus is more active in Spain than in Italy — media

Spain is considered the second after Italy in the number of victims of COVID-19

In Spain, coronavirus is actively spreading to autonomous communities in which it was not previously recorded.

In Spain, the coronavirus spreads faster and wider than in Italy, as the Spanish newspaper El Pais writes.

It is noted that in Italy, only three regions are currently the most problematic from the point of view of epidemiology — Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, and Veneto. In Spain, the virus is actively spreading through autonomous communities in which it was not previously.

“We are in a phase of growing exposure to the virus, and this situation will last for some time,” said the head of the Spanish Society of Epidemiology Pere Godoy.

The day before in Spain, 462 deaths of patients with coronavirus were recorded — this is the largest number of deaths per day since the start of the epidemic in the country.

At least 39673 cases of infection with a new coronavirus have been recorded in Spain since the start of the spread of infection in the country.

2696 people died from the infection, 3794 patients recovered. Most cases were found in the autonomous community of Madrid (12352).

It is known that about 500 people died from coronavirus per day, which was a record figure since the beginning of the epidemic in the country.

It was previously reported that the Spanish government decided to extend the state of emergency for another 15 days.

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