Coronavirus testing in the US may accelerate: what doctors have come up with

These kits will reduce the risk for doctors.

Coronavirus testing in the US may accelerate: what doctors have come up with

In the United States, to speed up the testing process for the new coronavirus, doctors have developed kits for self-taking a smear from the nasopharynx. This was during a briefing at the White House said Vice President of the States Michael Pence.

“I am pleased to announce that self-smear kits are now available at clinics and mobile test sites,” he said.

Pence noted that this will speed up the testing process and reduce the risk for doctors to catch an infection.

Recall, recently the US chief sanitary doctor, Vice Admiral Jerome Adams, said that the epidemic situation in the United States due to the spread of coronavirus this week will worsen, but not everyone is aware of the threat and does not comply with the measures recommended by the authorities.

We also wrote that the United States began testing a vaccine against COVID-19. President Donald Trump called the vaccine test an unprecedented breakthrough.

“It used to take years, and we do it in a very short time. This is the fastest developing vaccine in history. We are making very, very big successes,” Trump said.

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