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Every fifth inhabitant of the Earth was quarantined due to coronavirus — The Guardian

Every fifth inhabitant of the Earth was quarantined due to coronavirus — The Guardian

The world has a critical week in the fight against coronavirus

While UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for a global ceasefire to fight against coronavirus, the British publication The Guardian writes that approximately 20% of the world's inhabitants or 1.7 billion people have been subjected to social isolation measures to curb the spread of COVID-19.

As noted, the authorities of various countries have to resort to quarantine at the very moment when the world has a critical week to fight against coronavirus: for example, according to the World Health Organization, it took 67 days to reach the threshold in the first 100 thousand cases of COVID-19 and growth in the last 100 thousand cases (up to 300 thousand cases) was noted in just four days.

In total, reminds The Guardian, 378 thousand 679 cases of COVID-19 were recorded in the world. More than 16.5 thousand people with coronavirus died, almost 101 thousand people were cured.

The newspaper notes that while the British authorities announced serious restrictions imposed in the country in connection with the coronavirus epidemic, the PRC, which was the first to face the epidemic, lifts restrictions on travel in Hubei Province, the first epicenter of COVID-19, from Wednesday. Restrictions on the provincial capital of Wuhan will be lifted on April 8.

In the United States, where about 40% of the population fell under social exclusion, President Donald Trump said that it would take weeks, not months, to restore the normal functioning of the American economy.

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