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Trump was Scared of a Doctor with a Temperature. Video

Trump was Scared of a Doctor with a Temperature. Video

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The US leader turned everything into a joke

Donald Trump quickly distanced himself from the doctor when she declared herself unwell. The woman hastened to reassure the audience, noting that the test for COVID-19 gave a negative result.

The President of the United States Donald trump hastily away from the doctor Deborah Brix, who said that she had a fever. A curious incident occurred on the podium of the White House during the speech of the doctor, MSNBC writes.

BRICS, speaking, explained why she did not attend the weekend briefing of the working group on coronavirus. The doctor said she had a fever.

After the woman's words about the illness, trump jokingly quickly moved away from her.

Deborah Brix added that she did a test for the coronavirus and it came back negative. After these words, Trump, smiling, again approached her.

“Thank you for saying that,” the White House chief said.

Earlier it was reported that Melania Trump passed a test for coronavirus.

We also recall that trump again rebuked China because of the coronavirus. He said that China is a very secretive country that did not warn the US about the COVID-19 threat in time.

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