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Angela Merkel in quarantine: How Europe Fights Coronavirus

Angela Merkel in quarantine: How Europe Fights Coronavirus

In Greece, unauthorized access to the street is fined, and the largest field hospital in Spain has been built.

The pandemic continues to make adjustments in the lives of Europeans. For example, in Germany, Angela Merkel is now working because of contact with a sick person from home, and in the UK they have thought about who will replace the head of government if the virus gets to him.

How does Europe fight COVID-19 right now?

Back at the weekend, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was walking around the supermarket without a mask, and now she's going into quarantine. German journalists caught the head of government shopping. The cart spotted wine, pickles and toilet paper. And a little later, the news spread that Mrs. Merkel was at risk. Because she was in contact with a sick doctor. She didn't even know it when he gave her vaccinations. But before self-isolation, the Chancellor managed to announce a new ban.

“First, citizens must reduce contact with people other than their family to an absolute minimum. “Secondly, in public places, a distance of one and a half meters. Only two people are allowed to gather, with the exception of people who run a common household,” Angela Merkel said.

Britain is also worried that the head of the government will get the virus. So they've already chosen a replacement. In case of that, the current Foreign Minister Dominique Raab will take responsibility for the country. Over 600 new cases and 48 deaths have been discovered in the kingdom in one day. However, the government's advice — to limit communication — is ignored by the British. That's why Prime Minister Boris Johnson threatened to impose strict restrictions:

“The best thing anyone can do is keep a social distance. Do not come within two meters. It's not that hard. And we repeat, stay home if possible. It's the best way to protect medical professionals and potentially save thousands of lives.”

The coronavirus pandemic is making a difference in the lives of Europeans. In Germany, Angela Merkel is now working through contact with a sick person from home, and the UK has thought about who will replace the head of government if the virus gets to him.

The whole of Greece has been quarantined as well. From now on, they'll only let you go out to work, get food and see a doctor. Violators will be punished with a 150 euro fine.

Kiriakos Mitsotakis, Prime Minister of Greece:

“Unfortunately, every two minutes a man dies in Italy and the situation in the world gets worse. It is my duty to prevent our country from facing such a test. We must not be faced with a choice — who to save and who to lose”.

Spain has extended the emergency regime for another two weeks because of the increase in the number of deaths from the coronavirus. Within a day, almost 400 people died, the country has replaced Iran in second place in terms of the total number of victims.

The disease did not bypass the world-famous Spaniard — Placid Domingo. The opera singer, who is already 79, himself reported it to the social network.

For patients with mild symptoms, Madrid built the largest field hospital in Europe. It will be able to receive five and a half thousand patients.

Our neighbors in Romania reported the first fatal cases the day before — two died. Six victims in Hungary. In terms of the number of patients, the United States came third, following Italy and China.

In the Celestial Empire, where the epidemic spread around the world, now, on the contrary, they make sure that COVID-19 is not brought back. In the past 24 hours, only 39 cases were recorded there, all of them imported.

Meanwhile, leading Chinese virologist and head of the Shanghai COVID-19 expert group Zhang Wenhong said that it may take up to two years for European countries to fully defeat the coronavirus infection.

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