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In Italy, the record for cured of coronavirus

In Italy, the record for cured of coronavirus

The number of newly registered infections fell — over the last day the number of diagnosed patients increased by 5560 people a day earlier, the growth was 6557 people.

Over the past day, the death toll in Italy in connection with the coronavirus has increased significantly, but the growth rate has decreased compared to the past days, a record number of people have recovered from the disease — 952 per day, this is stated in the daily statistics published by the Italian Department of Civil Protection, European reports true.

So, the total number of deaths in Italy with a diagnosis of coronavirus reached 5476 people, over the past 24 hours it increased by 651 people. This growth is less than the previous day when 793 deaths due to coronavirus were recorded.

The highest mortality rate was still demonstrated by the northern region of Lombardy (361 deaths per day, 3456 in total), but even there the mortality rate fell significantly compared to the previous day when 546 deaths were recorded in Lombardy.

The following days should confirm whether this trend is sustainable.

There was a significant increase in the number of those who were cured: their number reached 7024 people (952 more than the day before). Such high rates have been maintained for the second day in a row — earlier, 943 people were cured of the coronavirus.

The number of newly registered infections also fell — over the last day, the number of diagnosed patients increased by 5560 people, a day earlier the growth was 6557 people.

Recall that in Milan, because of quarantine, the parks were flooded with hares.

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