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The US is in the Top Three for COVID-19 infection

The US is in the Top Three for COVID-19 infection

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In total, more than 307 thousand cases of coronavirus and 13 thousand deaths were recorded in the world.

The United States became the third country in the world in the number of recorded cases of coronavirus infection. Such data on the morning of March 22 brought the Johns Hopkins University, which in real-time monitors the situation with COVID-19 in the world.

At 5.25 Sunday in China, according to the university, 81,345 infections were recorded. At the same time, 3265 people died, 72 354 were cured.

In Italy, 53 578 people fell ill, 4825 died, 6072 people recovered.

In the United States, 26,747 cases of the disease, 340 deaths, and 176 recovered were revealed.

These are followed by countries such as Spain (25,496 cases), Germany (22,364 cases), Iran (20,610 cases) and France (14,485 cases).

In total, 307,277 cases of infection, 13,048 deaths, and 92,372 were cured in the world.

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