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Silent expansion from China

People who suggest opening borders commit crimes to their children, to their parents, to themselves.

Silent expansion from China

Everything has collapsed so quickly and predictably in the face of an unpredictable virus. I mean the system. And the first to fail was the predictably “sacred” states in which the cities of refuge, and these structures themselves, live in their own world with their vision of beauty.

So, within 24 hours, the quarantine regime in California, New York, Illinois... These three pillars of “sanctity” in our country are quite indicative: they are ruled exclusively by democratic leaders.

You can, of course, taste the exploits of each of them in front of your constituents, but here we are talking about the trend. And the trend is that free cheese can only be found in a mousetrap. And in this mousetrap absolutely free of charge at first drive the law-abiding citizens, accustoming them to the perception of the “new” world, in which rule the rules established for isolation and sanctity, not subject to the laws of common sense, the laws of the country, which every mayor may not care about and separate. Divide and conquer!

I don't know what else has to happen or what cataclysms will happen so that people will realize the perniciousness, as such, of the whole system of sanctuaries that covers people who have initially broken the laws of the country, who consume its benefits and spit on responsibility before the same country.

Who are those people who are unaccounted for? How many are there? Where are they from?

Why has the number of homeless people increased so much in our megacities, and education and medicine are turning into something that will already be higher in the Third World countries?

How wonderful it is to talk about the salvation of all, forgetting such a simple thing as the responsibility of the leaders of our states and cities to their citizens, to those who elected them and for whose taxes these officials shout.

I don't know how this is going to end, nor can anyone anticipate anything today. But I do know that people who suggest opening borders commit crimes to their children, to their parents, to themselves.

I know for sure that the Supreme Court must pass single legislation that obliges ALL the stars, big and small, to follow the supremacy of federal laws.

Yes, each state has its own legislation, but when they do, they all turn to the state for help. You can't ask with one hand and give with the other, not to those you ask for.

Try visiting the hospital's emergency rooms to make sure you can die before you get help because these rooms are full of homeless people, drug addicts, illegals. The nurses work for wear and tear and these people who save our lives are not wizards who are put before terrible choices at times.

Somehow, Italy and Iran come to mind. Where did they get the virus from? It's all been said about the reasons. And I see the borders of “Chinese cities” expanding every day within our megacities, about businesses bought up whole blocks, houses bought for cash by Chinese citizens.

These are hard-working people and good neighbors, but how did they become so numerous? How did the streets where the Irish and Italians traditionally lived suddenly sparkle with Chinese characters? There is a quiet expansion and nobody takes into account the number of people coming from China and ready to work in any conditions. Italy is already paying its price for this... I can already hear the whistling of rocks flying at me...

Yes, we are all human beings and before God, we are all equal, and we all need help if necessary. But the trough is not too big, but the hand of the giver, alas, has long since dried up.

Such sad thoughts by the end of the hard Friday, hard week, which turned the idea of good and evil, of the virus which burst unexpectedly but quite predictably into the life of each of us.

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