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North Korea makes a clear statement on further talks with the US

Pyongyang submitted all its proposals and now wants to listen to the American parties

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North Korea expects the United States to prepare more seriously for negotiations on the nuclear issue and other aspects of normalizing bilateral relations. As reported by Kyodo News Agency, this was announced on Monday to reporters at the Beijing international airport by the representative of the DPRK Foreign Ministry, Kim Myung-Gil. He represented Pyongyang at consultations with American diplomats in Stockholm recently.

“This meeting ended in a breakup,” said Kim Myung-Gil.

“There may be big trouble if the US does not carefully prepare for such contacts,” he said. “We have submitted all our proposals and now we want to listen to the American side. So far it has not prepared anything in return.”

On Sunday, the DPRK Foreign Ministry announced in a special statement that Pyongyang was not going to negotiate with the United States until Washington took “real steps to completely and irreversibly abandon the hostile policy” regarding the north of the Korean Peninsula. The diplomatic mission, in particular, criticized the US approach to consultations with the DPRK delegation in the Swedish capital.

A preliminary bilateral meeting of US and DPRK representatives took place on October 4 in Stockholm. Working negotiations began on October 5, but were interrupted on the same day.

Meanwhile, the head of the press service of the US State Department, Morgan Ortegus, following the results of several hours of consultations, said that they were constructive. She also noted that the US delegation accepted the invitation of Sweden to return to Stockholm in two weeks and continue negotiations with the DPRK. At the same time, Ortega did not indicate how Pyongyang reacted to a similar proposal.

Earlier we wrote about the February summit of the US and DPRK leaders. The main goal of the negotiations was the nuclear disarmament of the Korean Peninsula. However, the parties could not reach consensus and prematurely terminated the meeting.

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