In Italy, almost 800 victims of coronavirus in 24 hours

In Italy, almost 800 victims of coronavirus in 24 hours

In Italy, the number of victims of the pandemic is growing rapidly

The number of infected people in Italy is 42681 – 4871 more than a day earlier.

In the last 24 hours, almost 800 people infected with Coronavirus COVID-19 have died in Italy. This is a new record since the beginning of the pandemic, which affected 4,825 people in the country, said the head of the Civil Protection Department, Angelo Borrelli, on Saturday 21 March.

“Unfortunately, today we have 793 dead. But I want to emphasize that we do not divide the dead “with coronavirus" and the dead “from coronavirus,” said Borrelli.

In the northern region of Lombardy, 3095 people died, in Emilia Romagna — 715, in Veneto — 257, Liguria — 125. In the rest of Italy, the victims are significantly lower.

The total number of infected in Italy is currently 42681 – 4871 more than the day before.

Previously, Italian infectious disease specialists have identified diseases that increase the risk of fatal outcome of coronavirus infection.

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