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In Italy, they called diseases from the risk group COVID-19

Most people from coronavirus died in Italy

At-risk are older people and citizens with chronic diseases. The Italians determined the degree of their danger.

Italian infectious disease specialists have identified diseases that increase the risk of death from coronavirus infection.

According to the report of the Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases of the Lombardy Region, among people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, the risk of such a development of the situation increases by 10.5%, and among diabetics — by 7.3%.

The increased risk is observed in patients with chronic respiratory diseases (by 6.3%), hypertension (by 6%) and oncological diseases (by 5.6%)

As you know, Lombardy is the epicenter of the coronavirus in Italy. As of March 20, 4032 people had died of COVID-19 in the country, 2549 of them in Lombardy.

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