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Coronavirus in the EU: Brussels warned Europeans of a new danger

EC calls on people to be vigilant, and online trading platforms to take action against fraudsters

The European Union has warned consumers and the Internet platform of a powerful surge in drug and medical fraud at the peak of demand around coronavirus. This is stated in a circulated document of the European Commission.

“As the virus spreads, unscrupulous merchants advertise and sell products such as medical masks, washing hand gels, medicines that supposedly can stop or even cure the infection,” the document says.

The European Commission emphasized that it aims to contact the operators of online platforms in order to “better identify illegal practices, eliminate them and prevent the occurrence of similar cases.”

For consumers, the European Commission published a leaflet with a set of abstracts from advertising messages, upon seeing which it recommends being wary and cautious of these proposals, including claims that the product is “able to prevent or treat coronavirus infection”, statements, references in the product characteristics to “authoritative the opinion of experts and scientists, without reference to official government documents, “allegations of limited stock and termination of sales in the near future, as well as in the event of but overpriced product prices, compared with the average market.

On the same day, the European Commission distributed another document, according to which, despite the twofold increase in the production of medical masks in the EU, the community continues to experience a shortage. As a result, the EC imposed strict restrictive standards on the export of masks, artificial ventilation devices for lungs, and other types of medical devices and medicines outside the community, in fact, banned their sale on the free market, instructing them to redirect all funds to hospitals.

The outbreak caused by the new coronavirus disease was recorded at the end of 2019 in Central China, later spreading to more than 140 countries and was recognized by the World Health Organization as a pandemic. According to the latest data, over 230 thousand people were infected in the world, more than 10 thousand deaths were recorded.

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