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The Vatican has allowed remotely remit sins to patients COVID-19

For absolution, patients must read certain prayers or participate in worship services remotely.

The Catholic Church allowed remotely remission of sins to believers who fell ill with COVID-19. This was reported by AFP on Friday, March 20.

The published decree states that this also applies to physicians, and believers caring for relatives, patients with coronavirus, and those who pray for the recovery of patients and the speedy end of the pandemic.

To receive absolution, patients need to read a certain number of prayers, or remotely take part in important divine services.

In turn, those who pray for the health of physicians should also read the Bible “at least for half an hour.”

Recall that the Vatican previously announced the first case of coronavirus infection. The Vatican recorded the first case of coronavirus infection. Italian authorities have already been notified of this.

It was also reported that the Pope first conducted an online audience. The head of the Roman Catholic Church supported all those who were ill during the coronavirus epidemic, and also expressed gratitude to the doctors and volunteers.

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