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The galactic tsunami destroyed the stars in the eyes of astronomers

The galactic tsunami destroyed the stars in the eyes of astronomers

Photo: Robin Dienel, Carnegie Institution for Science
Gas in the form of quasar winds sweeps stars in its path

Scientists have watched the galactic tsunami sweep away the stars. Experts called what they saw as a “fantastic show of fireworks.”

American astrophysicists from the Virginia Polytechnic University, using the Hubble Space Telescope, observed energy emissions of quasars — the most powerful energy flows in the Universe. Such emissions are similar to tsunami waves, they push dust and gas beyond the boundaries of galaxies and stop the formation of stars, writes the Astrophysical Journal Supplements.

According to the head of the study, professor of the Department of Physics at Virginia Tech College Naum Arava, quasars with powerful radiation appear when a huge amount of gas accumulates as a result of a collision of galaxies near a black hole.

Ejected from a black hole in the form of jets, the gas heats up to a billion degrees, after which it begins to glow over the entire visible spectrum.

Gas in the form of quasar winds travels across the disk of the galaxy and at the same time simply sweeps material in its path from which new stars could form. As a result, star formation ceases in the galaxy.

The results of the study showed that black hole radiation pushes gas and dust too much greater distances than previously thought, these are tsunamis of a galactic scale.

“Anyone who witnesses this event will see a fantastic show of fireworks,” said Nauman Arava.

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