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Media: The State Department is angry over the “spinelessness” of Pompeo before Trump

According to some diplomats quoted by journalists, the head of the department unconditionally reports to the president.

In the US Department of State, “anger and doubt” are growing among employees. This was especially pronounced against the backdrop of the scandal over Ukraine, CNN reported with reference to several former and current employees of various departments of the State Department.

According to the channel, the American department is in a real confrontation between career diplomats and presidential appointees Donald Trump, who is also US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The main point of disagreement is the policy promoted by the American president, which undermines US ties with other countries, many of which have been established over the years.

Another reason for dissatisfaction with Mike Pompeo on the part of diplomats allegedly was the “spinelessness” of the head of the department. The channel explains that the Secretary of State is not able to argue with Donald Trump. Including when the US president criticizes Pompeo's subordinates.

“Even when the president has a bad idea, Pompeo is not able or really does not want to confront him like Rex Tillerson did,” the words of one of the former employees of the State Department are quoted.

Another of the main reasons for the dissatisfaction of the employees of the department was the reduction in the number of employees of the State Department and a decrease in its budget.

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