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The US Military left Italy without tests for coronavirus

The US Military left Italy without tests for coronavirus

In the midst of the coronavirus epidemic, the United States bought half a million coronavirus kits from Italian businessmen and took them out with a military plane, leaving the Italians with nothing.

The United States left Italy without a coronavirus test. Half a million kits to check for disease took an American military aircraft from the affected country, the Italian newspaper La Repubblica reports.

The newspaper reports that in northern Italy there was sufficient stock of tests for coronavirus, but all of it was sold to the U.S., which immediately took him out of the country by military aircraft. For understanding, since the beginning of the epidemic in Italy produced just over 100 thousand sets of tests.

Information that the coronavirus test kits were taken out of Italy appeared on the U.S. Air Force Instagram page along with a photo of the C-17 Globemaster hold full of containers with the kits, the Italian edition writes. The post was then removed. But this news was officially confirmed in the words of Pentagon representative Jonathan Hoffman.

“There are several elements to pass the test. First, there are swabs that are used to collect samples from people, and then there's a liquid where they can be developed. This is what we have. Brought from Italy,” La Repubblica quotes a U.S. military official.

The publication wonders how this could have happened at all, especially given the critical situation with the virus in Italy.

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