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Netherlands prostitutes become unemployed due to coronavirus

The Red Light District in Amsterdam is empty — money for prostitutes is being collected on the Internet

Netherlands prostitutes become unemployed due to coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has cut off sex workers in the Netherlands — the government closed the Red Light District in Amsterdam to combat the spread of the infection.

Since March 15, all sex establishments in this famous landmark of the Dutch capital have been closed, and therefore local prostitutes have organized crowdfunding to raise funds to support colleagues who have suffered more from the crisis than others.

During the day they managed to raise 4.4 thousand euros — the organizers plan to give out 40 euros to those who are most in need of funds due to the loss of customers.

The Netherlands Sex Workers' Association (PROUD) calls the “priestesses of love” the most vulnerable because they have neither a guaranteed income nor a paid sick leave.

At the same time, in the Netherlands, where prostitution is legalized, such women and men are forced to pay taxes on an equal basis with other workers.

Recall that earlier, discussing the situation with coronavirus in the Dutch parliament, the country's health minister Bruno Brains fainted. Later, the official reassured the public, explaining what happened as overwork after difficult weeks.

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